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WoLF Files Amicus Brief with Supreme Court to Save Women’s Sports!


B.P.J. v. West Virginia State Board of Education is the first “Save Women’s Sports” bill to receive scrutiny from the nation's highest court.

WoLF has filed an amicus (Friend-of-the-Court) brief with the US Supreme Court in the case of B.P.J. v. West Virginia State Board of Education in support of a West Virginia law that protects Title IX female-only sports teams by limiting eligibility on such teams only to women and girls on the basis of sex.


In this case, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seeks to use a middle school child to challenge West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act in an effort to move toward eliminating single-sex sports for women and girls. If the Court accepts the Application, its decision would likely affect the seventeen other states that have passed legislation to protect single-sex sports. West Virginia is now asking the Supreme Court to reverse the Fourth Circuit’s decision and make it clear that the West Virginia law should be enforced. In its brief, WoLF defends the West Virginia law on feminist grounds, which rejects the ideology of “gender identity.” WoLF also argues that sex-based rights and protections cannot be dismissed based on the idiosyncratic and subjective belief about gender identity, a quasi-spiritual concept... Read more about our latest legal filing here.


Press Release by Alliance Defending Freedom (Mar. 13, 2023)

Female athletes, coaches, feminists, 21 states urge US Supreme Court to protect women’s sports

"Twenty-one states, 67 female athletes and their parents, numerous coaches and sports officials, and a feminist group united in support of safeguarding equal athletic opportunities for women and girls by filing friend-of-the-court briefs [...] with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of West Virginia’s law protecting women’s sports." Read More→


TAKE ACTION! Save Women's Sports!

Our online form makes it easy to tell lawmakers in your state what you think. Submit your name and address - if there is pending legislation in your state to save women’s sports, you can send a letter to your state representatives and senators on your behalf! Take Action Now→


Letters from the Front: "In Support of Women's and Girls' Sports"


"Where I lived, there were no sports teams for girls. Instead, I was taken to the park three times a week to watch my older brother play baseball. From that, I learned that boys do and girls watch; that male bodies run, jump, and move actively through the world, while female bodies sit on the bleachers." - P.S.

Letters From the Front empowers you to use your voice and break through the silence. Thank you, P.S.! 

Add your story to this collection of powerful stories from lesbians, mothers, athletes, survivors, and detransitioners to help the public understand what's at stake.


WoLF Tracks - Book Review: Go Figure! By Lisa Falco

"Lisa Falco's book Go Figure!, published in 2021, does a fantastic job of describing the science of the female body. The book is very detailed; it's filled with references from scientific papers (nearly 700 references!), and yet it is still highly readable and personal."

WoLF member and volunteer Lindsey discusses Falco's book detailing "the astonishing science of the female body." Read her review in WoLF Tracks, our Members' Blog. Thank you, Lindsey!


Women's Rights in the News


California gender identity prison placement law discriminates against women: state consultant

Article by Greg Piper for Just The News

"California's gender identity law for prison placement has not only disfavored female inmates in its implementation, but inherently denies them the privileges granted to male inmates who identify as women..." Read More→

DeSantis releases graphic video showing sex change surgeries after Biden calls Florida's ban on child sex changes 'sinful'

Article by Mia Ashton for The Post Millennial

"DeSantis fired back with a video showing a split screen, with Biden on one side and graphic post-op images of sex change surgeries on the other, with the caption: “Biden thinks it’s ‘cruel’ Florida banned these surgeries for children.”" Read More→


Content warning: This article contains graphic images


What’s Current: Jamie Lee Curtis gives her Oscar ‘they/them’ pronouns in support of her trans-identified son

Article by Meghan Murphy for Feminist Current

"Jamie Lee Curtis [will] be referring to her Oscar statue using they/them pronouns “in support of my daughter Ruby.” The actress’ son, previously known as Thomas, announced he identifies as transgender in “People” magazine in 2021." Read More→

“Please Don’t Come For My Kids”: TikTok Creator Who Criticized Non-Binary Influencer Is Threatened By Trans Activists

Article by Shay Woulahan for Reduxx

"A popular TikTok comedian has reported that she received a disturbing threat against her family following a series of videos she posted criticizing non-binary activist Jeffery Marsh for allegedly inviting minors to communicate with him privately." Read More→

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